Rent control group concedes it lacks signatures for ballot measure in Pomona

Pomona has become the latest Southern California city where tenant activists say they haven’t collected enough signatures to qualify a rent control measure for November’s ballot.

Tenant activists in Pomona were unable to collect the 6,256 valid voter signatures needed to qualify their measure for the fall election.

Signature drives to place rent control before voters this fall also have come up short in Long Beach and Pasadena, while campaigns remain active in Glendale, Santa Ana, Inglewood and National City.

The Pomona Housing Stabilization, Fair Rent, and Homeowner Protection Ordinance threatened to create a rent board and cap annual rent increases based on the rate of inflation.

While Pomona Unified for Stable Housing won’t be turning in signatures, it may ask the City Council to place the measure on November’s ballot directly.

Long Beach rent control advocates miss deadline for November ballot

A proposed rent control measure for Long Beach won’t appear before voters in the fall, but the measure could still qualify for a later election.

Housing Long Beach missed its June 1 deadline to submit more than the 27,000 signatures required to qualify the initiative for the city’s November 2018 ballot.

Rent control advocates, however, vowed to keep circulating their petition, and if they file the required number of signatures by July 30, the measure could still appear on a later ballot, likely in March 2020.

The Housing Long Beach measure would limit annual rent increases to the rate of inflation and establish “just cause” eviction policies. The measure also would create a rent board and roll back rents to January 2017 levels.

CAA will continue to work with its allies to defeat any rent control attempt in Long Beach and elsewhere in California.

Efforts to place rent control measures before voters this November remain underway in Southern California cities including National City, Santa Ana, Glendale and Inglewood. A signature-gathering effort to place rent control before voters in Pasadena fell short by more than 2,000 votes.

If you are interested in helping prevent rent control in Long Beach and Inglewood, please reach out to Fred Sutton, CAA’s vice president of public affairs for these cities, at

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